Good Navigation

AV Club

This site is a little cluttered, but has a clickable logo
on the left and consistent navigation from page to page.
The navigation tabs are also nicely distinguished.

screencapture of av club

Fantastic Fiction

This site also has a clickable logo on the left,
consistent navigation from page to page,
and a clear search field on the right.

screencapture of fantastic fiction

Bad Navigation

SF Site

This site's not too bad, but doesn't really take advantage
of familiar conventions. The logo isn't clickable to home page,
the nav bar doesn't stay consistent between pages,
and rather than provide a convenient search bar you first
have to click on a search button.

screencapture of sf site

Full Moon Comic Books

This site does not have a clickable logo,
is visually hard to make out, and the navigation
is also hard to spot.

screencapture of Full Moon Comic Books