What I Like

I still enjoy a wide variety of movies, from animation to more serious films.
This is just a sampling.


Yes, I still enjoy cartoons. I've always liked illustration and comics, the overall look.
I especially like the new computer animation, which often throws in humor for older viewers.


I grew up on the old fantasy movies, from Harryhausen to the 80's barbarian movies.


I like movies with a good sense of humor, though I tend to dislike the more gross humor.
And for some reason, I never really got the 3 Stooges despite their popularity.

NoirPoster for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

While my focus was always Fantasy and Science Fiction, as I got older I came to appreciate Noir.
I've come to enjoy a good dark crime story, especially the more twisted ones.
Admittedly, I'm probably mixing Noir and crime stories in general.


I'm not as into movies just for the sake of action, which seems to be the same fights over and over.
But sometimes I enjoy a fun action movie just for the hell of it.


I really dislike the new trend of 'torture-porn'.
Realistic or not, the high point for me was the last-act revenge on the villains.
For the most part, I just liked horror movies for the monsters.


I've always loved Sci-Fi, my only frustration being the lack of imagination compared to novels.
Any cool, original idea is only a pale shadow of the book concepts from decades back.

Movie Sites

There are a few sites I go to in order to look up info or read about new movies.

  1. IMDB
  2. AVClub
  3. HitFix


Animation - Nightmare Before Christmas
Comedy - The Big Lebowski
Noir - Usual Suspects
Sci-Fi - Blade Runner

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