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Why I'm taking this course...

Although I do have a fair amount of experience with HTML and CSS already I thought it might be a good way to dust off my coding skills. It's been a few years since I've spent any quality time creating websites. The Web Publishing class seemed like a good way to jump back on the wagon and add to my knowledge.

About this site...

The site is basically a weekly log of my assignments for the web publishing class. This website will be updated with a new page(s) each week as we're introduced to new techniques to work with.

VCIM-1570 Course Desicription:

Foundational web design, planning and construction with emphasis on web standards, usability and accessibility. Students construct web pages in (X)HTML and CSS using basic text-editing software. Topics include analysis of how and why a website succeeds or fails, aesthetics and visual design for web, planning, creation, uploading and registration of sites, troubleshooting, search engine optimization and basic marketing strategies.