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About Me

Well to start off I'm 33, a musician, photographer and a bit of a computer geek. This is my 5th semester at Tri-C. I've already taken several online or "distance learning" classes but this will be my first "hybrid" class. I'm currently majoring in IT-Networking Software and I'm a little over half-way through with the program.

At this point in time I'm working for an event production company based in Cleveland called RCS Corp. Basically what I do is set up for concerts, fashion shows, political events, corporate meetings/presentations and any other occasion that may need audio, lighting, video or staging. If I'm not out hanging with friends I spend most of my free time writting/playing music, playing video games or taking photos. Building, breaking/fixing computers is also a hobby of mine.

My goals

I'm taking this class to dust off my skills and "catch up" with the current HTML standards. I've been messing with web design/programming for quite some time actually. I started learning HTML back in 1998 to create a website for the band I was in and later became a certified HTML Programmer through the Brainbench.com website. I've always preferred hand coding and really haven't much of any experience with WYSIWYG editors like FrontPage or Dreamweaver. I'm really just hoping to get back in the game as well as learn some new things.

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